A Ham Radio Technician Class Exam Prep Course

Welcome to the Amateur Radio Technician Class exam prep course hosted by the Hamfesters Radio Club. This is a resource site to assist in a five week course that comprises a combination of thorough, instructional videos by David Casler, KEØOG, an e-mail support group to assist in your studies, and a weekly video conference meeting to ask and answer any questions you are having along the way. Your facilitators for this course are Brian, W9HLQ and Mike, K9ACM. Again, the bulk of the self-study material for this course is in the form of videos put together through the tireless work of Dave, KEØOG. He makes his videos available to the community at no cost. If you like them, consider adding something to his virtual tip jar.
Getting Started: How this Course Works

This is a support course to help you in your pursuit of the Amateur Radio Technician License. It is not designed to take the place of your own studying and preparation; however, it is designed to support you in your efforts, to offer further explanation of any concepts you find difficult, and to answer your questions as they arise.

Orientation Information

For a little introductory information that might be useful to you as you begin this course, please see the slides embedded below, or you can click the following link to open them in a new window: Introductory Information


Your course facilitators are Brian W9HLQ and Mike K9ACM. These are the guys who will be answering your e-mail and moderating the video meetings. They are both good hams and happy to work with you.

Brian, W9HLQ

Mike, K9ACM


While there are many resources available to help you with your studies, we recommend the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual: Level 1, Technician 4th Edition. This is the de facto resource to prepare for the exam. The video series is organized around this book, section-by-section, and a common book will make for a smoother class experience. You can get yours from the ARRL here: ARRL Ham Radio License Manual 4th Edition.


This five week course comprises self-study using the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual: Level 1, Technician 4th Edition, an e-mail support list for questions and answers throughout the week, and a weekly video meeting for discussion, additional explanation, and supplemental instruction. We will use the schedule below.

1/20 READ: Ch 1, 2, 3
WATCH: Wk 1 Videos
SEND: Questions
ATTEND: Video Call
1/27 READ: Ch 4, 5
WATCH: Wk 2 Videos
SEND: Questions
ATTEND: Video Call
2/3 READ: Ch 5, 6
WATCH: Wk 3 Videos
SEND: Questions
ATTEND: Video Call
2/10 READ: Ch 7, 8
WATCH: Wk 4 Videos
SEND: Questions
ATTEND: Video Call
2/17 READ: Ch 9
WATCH: Wk 5 Videos
SEND: Questions
ATTEND: Video Call